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Why hireme?

Redefining freelancer hiring.

hireme in a nutshell

hireme is an all-in-one universal freelance-hiring and freelancer management platform that streamlines freelance mission matching and tackles administrative management.

Our user-friendly interface provides our hand-vetted companies with an in-house coordinated pool of local, eligible candidates. hireme handles the entire freelance hiring process from start to finish, all while offering a plethora of other additional support services to both freelancers and companies.

What hireme brings to the table:

Eliminating intermediaries through direct freelancer-to-client bidding
An all-in-one interface with centralized administrative task automation
A freelancing community like no other

faceMedical Director
faceSales Manager
faceJavascript Developer
faceMarketing Manager
faceAnalyst Developer
faceContent Writer Specialist
faceGraphics / Web Designer

What this
means for freelancers

Revolutionizing the freelance landscape through simplicity and integration.

  • Administrative Tasks

    hireme takes care of all of the grunt work. We draw up your contract, generate your bill/make sure it’s paid on time by the employer, and we manage all the follow up; all you have to do is fill out your time sheets.

  • Reputable Clients

    hireme ensures a thorough credit check is conducted on all companies listing assignments on our platform. If companies pass our credit checking process, they will then be eligible for our pre-financing services.

  • Pre-Financing and Pay Advancement

    If you need your pay on the spot, without waiting the typical processing period, we can make it happen. Depending on the mission terms, hireme can pay you right away.

  • Local Employment Emphasis

    In order to be able to join the hireme platform, freelancers are required to be “local”. They are required to provide a valid EU VAT number and to express intent to work at the client’s premises. This allows for a fair competitive environment in that outsourcing is no longer a factor.

  • Only Legitimate Notifications – No Spam

    Once you specify what type(s) of mission(s) you’re interested in, we keep you updated with only relevant mission vacancies and offers that specifically fit your profile and expectations. We pride ourselves in our no “spam”, no “irrelevant communications” policy.

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